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8 Ways to Style Your Jumpsuit

We love the jumpsuit. Not only is it easy—just throw it on and go—it’s incredibly versatile. The right accessories and layering pieces can transform a jumpsuit into almost any look. Whether you’re looking for chic and sophisticated or bold and playful, you can make the jumpsuit work for you.

The key to wearing your jumpsuit as a fashionable statement is injecting your personal style into the look. You don’t want to be boring or out of season. Instead, try wearing your jumpsuit with some of fashion’s other latest trends, like an off-the-shoulder top or an ornate belt, to add interest and variability to your look.

 1. Choose the Right Jumpsuit

Before you can make your bold style statement, you need the right jumpsuit. They come in many different styles and looks, so it’s all about finding the perfect look and fit for you.

Personally, we love the Graham Jumpsuit. With a belted and banded waist, the Graham works with almost any body type by helping you accentuate your best assets. And when paired with a pleated pant, it creates a gorgeous slimming look that defines your shape for extra femininity.

2. Define Your Waist

While the Graham already includes a belted and banded waist, sometimes a little extra definition around your smallest circumference is best. In this case, we love adding a not-so-basic belt that acts as both jewelry and an eye-catching waist slimmer. This is perfect for more formal occasions at the office or for a night on the town.

Or, if you’re just out for a coffee with the girls and you’re worried about having an oblong-butt, we think it’s pretty chic to tie a lightweight jacket or shirt around your waist. This breaks up the flowy jumpsuit while adding color and style.

 3. Add a Jacket 

When it comes to jumpsuits, one complaint we hear most often is, “It’s so boring.” Well, adding a jacket changes everything. A lightweight jacket is a great way to break up the block of color that’s typical with a jumpsuit. We recommend keeping it open to elongate your body or even just keeping it on your shoulders for a little extra street-style cred.

And if you like the monochromatic look that’s becoming popular, then choose a jacket in the exact same shade as your jumpsuit but with different fabric. Add a feathered or fur coat in a matching shade for a little extra oomph that says, “I know exactly what I’m doing.” 

4. Kill It with Shoes

The best thing about the jumpsuit is that it’s simple. That means that a small fashion accessory can go a long way. In no way is this more evident than with the right pair of shoes. It’s easy to dress up any jumpsuit look with a high, strappy sandal that says sexy and sassy. Or, you can dress it down with trainers for a nonchalant look that shows you know how not to try too hard. Try ankle boots for a great office look.

 5. Glam It Up with Accessories 

Transform your jumpsuit into the perfect red carpet look with the right jewelry. We love mixing hard and soft by pairing a leather jacket and chunky, metallic jewelry with a soft flowing jumpsuit. Our best piece of advice is to choose large chunky pieces like pendant earrings or thick gold necklaces to add a pop of color and beauty to both casual and formal styles.

6. Layer with Tops

A jacket isn’t the only way to layer your jumpsuit. We love the casual but flirty look of adding a top underneath. Off-the-shoulder crop tops or turtlenecks are a great option for changing up sleeveless jumpsuits and transforming them into summer or winter pieces. The right top can enhance your shoulders or soften an athletic figure, depending on what you choose. We recommend sticking with simple white tops at first before going bold.

 7. Add Print 

Where few people can pull off a jumpsuit entirely in animal print, adding animal print to a solid-colored jumpsuit is perfect. Add a printed scarf around your neck in place of a necklace or use it as a belt for extra pop. Or throw on that adorable pair of zebra print heels you’ve been dying to wear with a cross-body purse. We even love the idea of adding a paisley jacket with stitching in the same color as the jumpsuit, so you stick to the color scheme while adding interest.

8. Don’t Forget Your Hair

The final element of your style is your hairstyle. Wearing your hair up or down can completely change the look of your jumpsuit. While there’s no right or wrong look, there are a few guidelines that we recommend. If you’re going for a casual look, wear your hair down to give a relaxed feeling—a loose ponytail also works. For formal jumpsuits, you want to stick with a polished up-do that lengthens your neck and gives you a chic look. And don’t forget to try a hat for something a little different. 

No matter the occasion, you can make a jumpsuit work for you. Make it low-key or dressy by using the right accessories. It’s all about expressing your creativity and having fun!

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