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Catherine Malandrino: Fierce and Feminine Fashion and Fragrances

Originating in Manhattan fifteen years ago, Catherine Malandrino is an international fashion and fragrance brand made for women with a global reach. Our clothing has been featured in numerous top-tier fashion and lifestyle publications, including Vogue, Elle, InStyle, and Marie Claire

The pulp appeal of our critically acclaimed and fan adored clothing comes with the fact that femininity is never sacrificed for practicality. With Catherine Malandrino, you can rock both looks. The brand is high quality and expertly designed, but still affordable and durable. Whether in city boutiques or through Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, and Bloomingdale’s, our clothing attracts both celebrities and everyday individuals seeking a visible way to help define themselves in both the personal and professional worlds.

Catherine Malandrino: Options Upon Options

At Catherine Malandrino, we carry clothing including dresses, tops, pants, outerwear, and intimates. The intimates are various affordable, yet stylish types of underwear, ranging from simple t-shirt bras to classy thongs. Outerwear is a standout among the apparel, with the variety of monotone jackets and coats, ranging from cropped knit materials to heavy duty, wool blends. The color choices are specific and deliberately chosen, often only one shade per item of clothing. The clothing is meant to be just as bold as the women sporting it, allowing for layering and various combinations. Like much of our clothing, the outerwear is high quality but still reasonably priced, which holds true for the line of accessories that the we also sell. 

The accessories include various types of jewelry, as well as watches, handbags, and sunglasses. The jewelry balances extravagant designs with foundational gold and silver colors, a juxtaposition found in of our products. The simple yet elegant looks are perfect for layering with any of our brand’s outfits.

Handbags, Shoes, and Fragrances: Oh My!

At Catherine Malandrino, our handbags standout as some of the most intricately designed products that we make, both in terms of colors and patterns. Small tweed backpacks blend blues and pinks together for a more exotic look, while simple white and black saddle bags make up the practical part of the collection. Like other accessories, the bags can be mixed and matched with various outfits, particularly with dresses and outerwear. The specifically designed and tailored carrying devices fulfill their purpose as both a fashionable wardrobe addition and suitable carrying device.

The selection of shoes offered proves that footwear can serve as either a subtle, complementary aspect of an outfit or the defining feature. Our always stylish boots, whether over-the-knee or ankle, speak to the understanding of the complexities of the working woman. A selection of different heel lengths aids in combining mobility with fashion, allowing women to have an effortless but still put-together outfit that lasts throughout their day.

The fragrances are some of the newest and most innovative products, which already live up to the quality and popularity of our other Catherine Malandrino products. “Style De’ Paris” takes on a simpler fruity and floral scent while “Romance De’ Provence” is a carefully constructed potpourri of natural scents with a hint of vanilla. These are complementary scents of a woman who knows what she wants and is making her own way in the world.

Our clothing and fragrances are meant for women at any point in their day. Each seasonal collection allows for variety without being overcomplicated, and serves as an all-encompassing lifestyle as far as clothing and scents go.

So Who’s Wearing Catharine Malandrino? 

Catherine Malandrino offers high quality attire for a variety of body types and occasions. Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens wore one of our white sweaters while going casual in London, and actresses Drew Barrymore and Samira Wiley have sported some of our formal dresses to premiere events. Olympic tennis champion Serena Williams opted for one of our classic wool cutout skirts while posing for a photo op in Central Park with her championship trophy from the US Open. 

Whether your hurrying down the streets of New York City on the way to work or leisurely strolling throughout the city of Paris, chic confidence in clothing and perfume is always a must. Practical takes on high fashion often give way to compromises in style, but some brands stand out from the crowd. At Catherine Malandrino, we’ve created a go-to brand for women seeking a sophisticated, feminine, and powerful fashion or fragrance aesthetic.

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