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5 Jaw-Dropping Summer Dresses for 2017!

Summer is finally here. It feels like we’ve been holding onto hope forever as the winter dragged and spring appeared and disappeared in a blink. Thankfully, the sun has come out, and the warm weather is here to stay! 

There’s no doubt that summer is one of the best times for fashion. With the heat come all kinds of clothing possibilities. It’s your chance to show a little skin, get a little flirty, and enjoy being a woman. And we love nothing better than that perfect summer dress.

Summertime dresses come in so many shapes, sizes, fabrics, and colors that it seems like you have endless potential. A casual, bohemian dress is perfect for a relaxed Saturday while a stunning, floral print is ideal for the summer wedding extravaganza.

So, what are our favorite jaw-dropping summer dresses for 2017?

1. The Abstract Floral

Patterns are huge this season, so a brightly patterned floral dress is a must-have in your wardrobe. That’s why we’re in love with the Deseree Dress.

One of the best things about the Deseree is its versatility. The shape is classic, with a high neck and knee-length skirt. All it’s waiting for are a few accessories to dress it up or down for almost any occasion. Pair it with a pair of beige pumps and a simple necklace, and it would fit in at any office. But pair it with sandals and bangle jewelry, and it’s a casual but flirty weekend dress that would look great as you walk around town.

The details are what really make this dress. The accordion-pleat on the skirt is flattering on almost any body type and the light, airy fabric keeps it comfortable and breathable in almost any weather—no matter how hot.

2. Bohemian Chic

Babs Summer Dress

Bohemian is really in this summer. It brings to mind California beaches, days in the sun, and a devil-may-care attitude that says, “I know how hot I am. I don’t need to tell you.” It’s for that reason the Babs Dress really speaks to our sense of adventure and fun.

This is a dress that’s perfect for lazy summer days and hot summer nights and parties. The thigh length skirt is just long enough that you don’t have to worry about laying it all out there, but it’s short enough that you can show off your great summer tan and legs that you’ve been forced to hide in pants and tights all winter long.

We also love the contradictions of this dress. The skirt is short, but the long sleeves add an element of surprise and class not usually found in such a sexy style. And the gorgeous lacing detail around the wrists adds a touch of the dramatic. It’s the perfect fit for the post-minimalism style that’s taking over 2017.

3. Off-the-Shoulder

Candy Summer Dress

Shoulders are all the rage this season. We love redux ‘80s, so the Candy Dress is a must.

The Candy is the type of summer dress you dream about during the winter. Its flirty, off-the-shoulder style flatters almost any body type, and paired with ruffles around the neckline; it screams summer lovin’. Plus, it’s white—the one shade that is in short supply during the long cold winter, and so the one color you need to stock up on the most while you can.

And the best part is that the dress is such a simple design, you have a clean pallet to express your personality. Pair it with gladiator sandals, a bulky necklace, and a straw hat for beach-look. Or, you can even dress it up with stilettos and a belt for a casual, on-the-town vibe.

4. The Rebel Dress 

Loren Summer Dress

Is it really summer without a little rebellion? We don’t think so. 2017 isn’t the time to blend in. That’s why our pick is a black and white pattern dress: the Loren Dress.

The Loren takes a timeless classic and turns it on its head. Half black and half white, it says, “I’m a rebel, but a classy one.” Plus, it plays on one of the biggest trends of 2017 fashion: statement stripes. Almost every major New York designer has hopped onto the alternative lines obsession, and this dress fits to a “T”.

As for the dress itself, while many people think they can’t do stripes because “it isn’t flattering,” we promise you won’t run into that problem with the Loren. With no stripes around the waist, but strips at the bust and hips, the dress was designed to emphasize your best assets. Plus, the half-and-half design draws the eye in a vertical line from high-neck to above-the-knee skirt.

5. Your Little Black Number

Bird Summer Dress

You can’t survive summer without the perfect little black dress, and the Bird Dress is just that. Its classic silhouette with a high-waist and above-the-knee skirt can fit almost any style, but it’s the details that matter.

One thing we really love about this dress is the cutout neckline. While most dresses keep it boring or flashy around the neck, this dress adds subtle detailing that draws the eye without being too obvious. Then there’s the pleated skirt that doesn’t hug but instead floats and swirls around your legs, so you feel like you can move and breathe while still being classy.

Stripped down to the bare bones, without jewelry or eye-popping shoes, this dress is sure to draw a lot of attention. But dress it up, and you can bring the house down with a pair of gold heels and bold jewelry.

Summer isn’t time to play it safe. Have fun with your fashion with these five jaw-dropping summer dresses. You’ll be glad you did.

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